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After the first distribution on 30th April, we felt it was necessary to send our social worker and headteacher to visit every family we are helping to determine the needs (more than 40 have between 5-10 children). When we looked at their data, we decided to first give an equal ration to every family on our list. And then we would follow up two weeks later and give the very needy families a top-up ration. We thank God the second distribution of food relief arrived as planned near the end of May 2020. The manager and board members were happy with the corporation they received from the community and local leaders. The distribution of the food took place at the chief’s office camp again because of insecurity. One hundred and eight families received food with a population of more than 650 people. They received food for the next two weeks, taking home an average of 24 kg of basic food per family. We had three board members of S2S Kenya distributing food and staff. The occasion started with prayer and ended up with the word of prayer. On 6th June, there will be a new update from the government and way forward. I hope they will open some areas, otherwise, we will be needing to appeal for food relief. After the distribution of the food one of the board members visited 2 of the neediest families in the village, families of Halima with eight children a couple under 35year and Mbeyu and her husband with three children. Sad thing we learned two days later the small mad house fell because of too much rain. So, we trust God to assist them with building material for another house. #dicksonacademy #s2skidshomes #covid19 #relieffood #slums #portreitz #mombasa

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