Ouders dag

Ouders dag

Vandaag, 22 augustus is een belangrijke dag. Het eerste seminar over ouder vaardigheden. Rehabilitatie wordt alleen gedaan voor de jongens, maar vaak zijn de problemen thuis als begonnen. De officiële instanties in Kenia zijn enthousiast over deze aanpak en komen uit Nairobi om het seminar te openen.

Ouders en andere familie van de jongens in Onesimus zijn opgespoord en komen vandaag voor het seminar naar OGBC.

De jongens zijn allemaal betrokken bij de voorbereiding met de opbouw van de tenten. Ook kregen alle jongens en medewerkers een t-shirt met het thema van de seminar: in Kiswahili “Sio rahisi lakini twaweza” of in het Nederlands “Het is niet makkelijk, maar we kunnen het.

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Part 1 On 22nd August 2020, at Onesimus Good News Boys Centre we had a milestone. It was a day of joy, celebration, and tears as children and their parents met for reconnection and reconciliation. The theme of the meeting was in Kiswahili “Sio rahisi lakini twaweza” (It is not easy, but we are able). The children and parents were given an opportunity to forgive each other and reconcile and agree to move on. There was a special session for parents and children to identify the problem that made them part ways, ask for forgiveness, and make an agreement on how to start the reconciliation process. The focus was on forgiveness. The process of reconciliation started immediately in small groups where one-on-one dialogues took place in the presence of a mentor or counselor. The Project Director, Joseph Matheka started and led the process. This was the first time in our intervention program, after working for 14 years, where we were able to bring so many parents in one place and have them together with their children. We had 35 parents who were privileged to meet other parents facing the same problem. The program has children. We experienced God's presence and strengthening as we watched in amazement as parents and their children sat in different groups talking with each without strife. There were peace and healing. Several parents and children cried together. Parents and children sought forgiveness from each other, and some prayed together. It was also tearful for several children whose parents did not come. It was amazing to see God move in different groups. Many children raised their hands and said they had forgiven their parents. #s2skidshomes #onesimusboys #rehabilitation #forgiveness #reconciliation

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