3rd Food relief

3rd Food relief
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A few days ago, we had our 3rd time giving out relief food to the poorest families of our community in Port Reitz where our school is located. Director Joseph Matheka was present in Kenya. He was encouraging parents to be strong, to continue trusting in God meeting their daily needs in this difficult season. He also encouraged parents to deal with small differences in families quickly, to continue helping their children with homework. He added parents should keep on sending children to the six chosen locations, for assisting children with learning. This was the instruction given by the ministry of education (just for a few hours a day). The director observed, a high number of children, attending these centers, some were weak. “Our teachers are overwhelmed with children demanding help with learning some coming from other schools, says the director.” The families were very happy and grateful to see Matheka. They thanked him and S2S for organizing food relief. Their concern is now that there is a new raise in Covid-19 cases around the world! Some families plead with the director, to talk with donors not to forget them. They also requested if possible, to start feeding the children at least one meal a day. The director promises to follow up with the local government for permission. He promises he will do what is possible to reduce the suffering of children in our school, their siblings, and a few elderly families. We were able to give relief food to 100 families, including teachers and our six foster parents! We would like to thank everyone who donated toward relief food. May God bless you #s2skidshomes #dicksonacademy #dicksoncomprehensiveschool #dcs #relieffood #covid19 #coronavirus #slums #thankyou #mombasa #kenya

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