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  • Jahresbericht Förderverein S2S
    Ein ereignisreiches und erfolgreiches erstes Vereinsjahr liegt hinter uns. Anbei unserer Jahresbericht 2021.
  • Oliebollen sale
    At the beginning of this new year we were surprised. An active family that bakes oliebollen every year for a charity, choose this time to bake for Shoulder 2 Shoulder. An enormous amount of oliebollen and apple fritters were baked and sold. We received a beautiful amount of €2276.30. Dear bakers, thank you very much!
  • Kerzenschimmer 2021
    Auch in diesem Jahr fand die Aktion “Kerzenschimmer” zugunsten von S2S statt und war erneut ein großer Erfolg. Viele wunderschöne Weihnachtsgestecke verbreiten jetzt in verschiedenen Haushalte einen adventlichen Kerzenschimmer.
  • Speculaas Campaign 2021
    This year we again organized a gingerbread campaign. A large number of volunteers have been busy last month to sell the gingerbread to family, friends and relations. In the end we were able to order and deliver almost 800 delicious gingerbread dolls. Volunteers thank you for your efforts and of course buyers thank you for your support for this action!
  • Succesfull charity run
    The charity run in the Protestant Firstwald Gymnasium school was a complete success. The receipt of donations (> 7000 euros) exceeded all expectations. The raised money can be used to finance a much-needed classroom at Dickson Comprehensive School. Many thanks to all runners and all donors.
  • Charity run
    A charity run for the Dickson Comprehensive School of Shoulder 2 Shoulder is took place in the Protestant Firstwaldgymnasium Kusterdingen (Germany). A total of 136 runners started, who convinced about 250 sponsors to support them for the run. An all-round successful event. Thank you to everyone who organized, helped and sponsored, who walked with us or just took part.
  • Container arrrived in Kenya
    The container with furniture for Dickson Comprehensive School had arrived in Kenya. Below you can see how the content was unloaded and greeted with great enthusiasm by the school children and staff.
  • Collection for S2S
    Confirmants of the Evangelic Church Gniebel / Rübgarten (Germany) designate the offering from their confirmation services to projects of Shoulder 2 Shoulder. Many thanks to all confirmed and all donors.
  • Container by Sea
    De Dickson School in Kenia heeft nieuwe stoelen, tafels, kasten en whiteboards nodig. Daarom is er een container onderweg naar Kenia met daarin mooi schoolmateriaal uit Nederland. Met het nieuwe materiaal kunnen we zorgen dat de kinderen op een fijne plek kunnen leren en dat de overheid de school zal blijven steunen. Bedankt voor uw steun om dit mogelijk te maken!
  • Schools in Kenya open again
    Yes! After 10 months the schools are finally open again!
  • Förderverein
    A loyal sponsor of our organization has set up a sister association in Germany: Förderverein Shoulder to Shoulder International e.V.. Great to see the support network grow. Compliments Martina and the team for the work you have already done! In the coming period we will look together to integrate the activities of the new German foundation on our website. Contact details can be found under Contact.
  • Geslaagde speculaasactie
    De speculaasactie van dit jaar is helemaal geslaagd! Veel mensen hebben kunnen genieten van zo’n mooie speculaaspop. En daarmee is er een mooi bedrag opgehaald om het werk in Kenia te ondersteunen. Veel dank aan deze super verkopers!
  • Jerusalema
    All S2S projects in Kenya have recorded their own version of the Jerusalema song. The result looks very nice!
  • Face masks for sale (in Holland)
    Corine heeft de afgelopen tijd al 200 mondkapjes gemaakt en verkocht om geld op te halen voor Shoulder 2 Shoulder! En ze zijn nog steeds te koop! Ze kosten € 3 of met neusklem € 3,50 (excl. verzendkosten). Wil je ook zo’n mooi kapje? Stuur dan een mailtje naar
  • Capacity Building Workshop
    Garama, Michael and Julius, who are part of our S2s Management Team Staff attended a Capacity Building Workshop for Institutions Undertaking Rehabilitation of Street Families which was organized by Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund (SFRTF) on the 12th and 13th of Oct 2020 at Naivasha, Kenya.
  • Spiced Biscuits Sale
    The spiced biscuits sale has started for this year. Do you want to order? Or do you want to join by selling to your own contacts? Please send us an email at
  • Outdoor teaching
    Due to COVID our Dickson comprehensive school (used to be called Dickson academy) is not allowed to operate in the normal way. But we are allowed to teach the children in their respective villages and teach them children outdoors under the trees. Our teachers are changing location each day and teach the children from all classes who live in that area. This way we can keep an eye on our students and we encourage them to keep on studying.
  • Circus Trics
    Last week Anne from Circus Hannes visited both OGBC as the kids of DCC. See the insta posts for more fun pictures.
  • Encouraging visit
    Last weekend Onesimus Good news Boys center received three visitors from Tamarind Villages Mombasa. Mrs. Janet and her Lead Team advised the boys on different topics. It was such a blessed time and we thank you for coming!
  • Foster Home Day
    Today we held one of our foster home days. All the children age 12 and above came together. We talked about topics of being right and responsibilities. After this we had activities demonstrating what it means to be responsible. It was a very successful day and the teens really enjoyed it.