Older Projects

Summer Camp 2019

During summer 2019 an enthusiastic group from The Netherlands travelled to Kenya. In preparation of the trip the group organised all kind of fund raising campaigns to contribute to aims of the foundation. From close by they have experienced the work of S2S and participated in the summer camp for the boys of OGBC among others.

Building trip 2018

Due to law changes regarding eduation, extension of the school in Port Reitz with extra class rooms became necessary. By initiative of a bunch of teenagers a mixed group committed in 2018 to reach out for this goal as team 'Jenga Kenya'. After a spring full of activities to raise the necessary funds, the group travelled to Mombassa in August 2018. Together with local builders they realized the extra class rooms. A blessing to both the community of Port Reitz as the Dutch travellers.

Foto impression of Jenga Kenya

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