School sponsorproject

School sponsorproject

A newly setup project in 2020 is the School Sponsor Project voor primary schools.

It is a project to connect two worlds and learn from one another: Children and teachers from a Dutch primary school and children and teachers from the Dickson Comprehensive School.

By running this project we want to support the kids and teachers in Kenya. The children live in pitiful and hopeless conditions according to our standards. It takes a lot of endurance by the Kenian teachers, to help the children move forward with very little resources. On the other hand it will learn children in The Netherlands how different circumstances can be elsewhere in this world. It offers opportunities to stand up for kids growing up under worse conditions. Through direct contact with kids at the other end of the world (by post, email and shared media) and by participating in fundraising activities.

The projects mainly aims at the middle and higher classes of primary schools, as some knowledge of the English language is very useful. The children and teachers of the Kenian school learn and speak in English. School year 2020/2021 the project will start at two Dutch primary schools. If you are interested in this project you can contact us via